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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Out on a Limb - Viniculture! And... Piña-culture?!

I've dreamed for a few years now about making my own wine. Today, I woke up with a spark in my chest... Off to the computer I dashed, logging on to the internets with great haste! Thus, my morning was spent researching vineyards and grape-growing.

There are already some grape vines in my backyard, and the plant itself seems to be growing well. It has survived for, what, three or so years? When you take Houston's climate into account, that's a great feat.

The problem is, it hardly produces any grapes. The few clusters it does manage are super tiny.

It's hardly enough to make a glass of juice for a mouse.

This'll take lots more research... Stay 'tuned!


Another thing that I've been wanting to do is grow pineapples. They are supposed to be an easy plant to take care of. However, my many attempts over the years, those of setting the crown in a bowl of water to get the plant started, have only ended in failure.

So, like any other struggling gardener, I turned to the internet. Several hours of research later, I decided to give this King of Fruits another chance.

I'll be using this website and also this one while on my journey to Shangra-l'ananas.

Now, excuse me, I have to go buy a pineapple...

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